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Anniversary Clock Parts

  • Original 400 Day Clock Parts

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Product Description

Although it would be wonderful to be able to just click down and select the gear, screw, or case part you need for your anniversary clock, we have concluded that this would be an impossible task for us to accomplish, and would lead to customer frustration and excessive returns even if we could. Impossible for us, due to the sheer number of different parts from all the makers and models and variations within models over the 100 year time span these clocks were manufactured. It would be frustrating and confusing for anyone who, for example, knows they need an escape wheel for their Kundo miniature movement clock, but has no idea that Kundo used three different, non-interchangeable escape wheels on just one movement defined by a particular Horolovar plate number. Select the wrong one, and everyone's time and money gets wasted.  

If you need parts for your 400 day / anniversary clock, give us a call, or send an email, and we‘ll be glad to help find just the right ones. Please provide the Horolovar plate number if you have a copy of the Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide, or email with close up pictures of the back plate and pendulum if you don’t. We will respond with availability and price. We may need to ask you some follow up questions in certain cases, or in rare instances, ask you to send the damaged part so we can match it.


We sell only original manufacturer anniversary clock parts, unless we tell you otherwise beforehand. Our parts are 100% guaranteed. Some parts we supply are new/old stock, and may have been rust vetoed, while others were scavenged from old clocks. Either way, plan to clean your part before using it. 

While Horolovar does have the world’s largest selection of 400 day / anniversary clock repair parts, we don’t have every part for every clock ever made. (These clocks have been out of production for the last 40 to 100 or more years after all!) We do our best, and try to acquire needed parts when we can. To set expectations, selection is spotty for pre WWI clocks, and best for post WWII clocks.


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