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Renaissance Wax Polish - 200ml (7 oz.) Can

  • Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish - 200ml (7 oz.) Can

Product Description

200ml (7 oz.) can of Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish. Protects and preserves all of your fine collectable's finishes! 

This is the finest wax money can buy. Formulated in the British Museum's research laboratories, Renaissance Wax is used by restoration specialists world-wide. It is free from acids, and will not damage or discolor even sensitive materials. Renaissance Wax will protect and preserve metal, wood, plastic, leather, hand painted finishes, paper, even photographs. No more fingerprints! When thinly applied and rubbed out to a full luster, the wax film offers long term, glass-clear protection. No matter how often the wax is used, there is no loss of clarity. In fact, additional coats of the wax only deepen the luster. When applied correctly - in thin layers - the wax is extremely economical to use. Firmly capped, Renaissance has a shelf life of many years, remaining in perfect condition long after other waxes have caked hard and become useless. With your purchase, you will also receive an informative leaflet describing even more of it's many uses.


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