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Repair and Restore your 400 Day Clock

  • Repair and Restore your 400 Day Clock

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Product Description

Repair and Restore your 400 Day Clock, written by Joseph Rabushka. 

Copyright 2010, Hardcover, 92 pages. ISBN: 1-935097-78-4 


This book was written to be a companion volume to the Horolovar 400-Day Clock Repair Guide, and refers to the guide in several places. It offers clear, step by step instructions to repair any part of a 400 day clock, with something to teach the experienced clock repair professional as well as untrained enthusiasts. The book is divided into 20 chapters:


*What is a 400-day clock?

*How to replace a suspension spring

*The function of the suspension spring

*Positioning the fork

*Setting the beat

*Taking the 400-day clock movement apart

*Cleaning the movement

*Servicing the mainspring

*Assembling the movement

*Lubricating the 400-day clock

*Adjusting the clock hands

*Adjusting the dead-beat escapement

*Adjustimg the 400-day clock Pin Pallet Escapement

*Regulating the 400-day clock

*Thinning the suspension spring

*How to restore 400-day clock bases

*How to restore 400-day clock cases

*Examining the 400-day clock

*Troubleshooting symptoms and their probable causes


If you live in the USA, this book may be purchased by phone or email, and shipped separately by media mail for a $4.15 shipping charge. 


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