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.0023" - .058mm 3 Pack 400 Day Clock Suspension Springs

  • Horolovar .0023" - .058mm 3 Pack 400 Day Clock Suspension Springs
  • Schatz 53 4 Ball Pendulum

Product Description

Horolovar .0023" - .058mm thick 3 pack single strength temperature compensating 400 day clock pendulum suspension springs. 3 springs per package. Each spring is 5-3/8”long. Horolovar torsion anniversary clock suspension springs are available in 24 different strengths. 

These springs are the correct thickness to regulate all Kundo junior (miniature) movements (all Kundo clocks that are approximately 9" tall), Kern midget 58, Kern miniature 61, and all Henn miniature movements. These springs will also regulate Schatz 53 miniature movements (Schatz clocks with the number '53' in a circle on the back plate), except those equipped with a 4 ball pendulum shaped like Rolos, or flattened Hershey Kisses, as shown in the second picture above. For these clocks, .0024" springs are required. 

We can help you find the right suspension springs for your clock, assemble your suspension unit to the proper dimensions, install the suspension unit on your clock, and put the clock in beat. Any questions, just ask!